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The back to school initiative is run by The Kids Initiative, a non-for-profit campaign designed to safe guard families by teaching core first aid skills and educating families on the laws and regulations here in the UAE. Fund Advisers provide financial services to those who wish to safeguard their family whist living and working in the UAE. We have helped thousands of families by providing free first aid workshops and Wills and Guardianship documentation to protect them against the effects of Sharia Law. Anyone who is looking to protect their families from the effect of Sharia Law should visit for further information.

I have seen numerous things relating to this company and I must say I am very disappointed with the services they provide. I attended the back to school seminars and I could clearly see that this company were been very sheepish about some of the reputations and negative facts about some of the staff they employ.

After the seminar I came away and did my research and found out some very interesting facts about Spencer Lodge the Managing Director they employ. I was disgusted when I read comments about the Elton John scandal and I could never make an investment with a company that clearly employs dishonest members of staff like this. I understand that you always take a risk investing money into this area, but you don't expect having that extra risk of the person you make an investment with running away with your money or not make the correct investment agreed with.

How can a company like this employ these kinds of people?

Thank you for wasting my time and effort,


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We do everything in our power to provide clients with the very best levels of service and support. If for any reason, a client has a query or concern please contact our client services team who will address any issues you have quickly and efficiently.

Please visit our website for contact details.

Client satisfaction is our no1 priority and every single piece of business is independently verified with clients prior to the business being placed to ensure situations like this do NOT arise. This ensures we maintain the highest levels of client satisfaction within the industry.

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #852713

Spencer lodge runs a unethical business and advises his staff to rip off customers to make more money, one of his staff advised me to take out a 25 years savings plan, and after 6 months I lost 50% of my capital. The advice you to invest in funds that pay high commission which are not performing.

Instead they show you fake fund facts and make you believe that the funds are good performing funds.

I am currently taking Fund Advisers to court; they are trying to settle out of court however I am determined to have their rip off company shut down once and for all so no more people will get scammed into losing their money. Some people have no heart and are just thief’s

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #852701

Spencer Lodge ate my daughters kitten

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #718960

Hello anonymous poster (clearly Spencer Lodge).

My original post is not a fake post its actually true and honest, as for no record now that is a lie as I booked the seminar through Michele P. Depamaylo so please don't come that with me.

If you have no record of me it clearly outlines how poor of a company this really is as they can't handle basic Admin let alone handle you investment, What a Joke.

If you would like to open up any bad press about me feel free as that is clearly a threat.

My post has clearly got the back up of Spencer Lodge to write this and pretend that its a client as he cannot accept the truth about me venting my viewing to the back to school seminar. It is not my fault that it did not meet my requirement , in fact it was actually all of the stuff you read about Spencer Lodge that put me right off Fund Advisers and is the reason I would never invest with them as long as they deal with such personnel.

If the Anonymous poster wants to discuss this further please send me a email or phone number and I will contact you and show emails etc of how relevant my post is.

to Susan1 Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #741257

Hi Susan,

I also attended the back to school event at which Fund Advisers were exhibiting. I am a little bit confused by your original post for a couple of reasons, firstly, the back to school event is an exhibition, it does not require a booking of any sort.

Secondly, I am unaware of Fund Advisers running any Back to School 'seminars'?? Could you please explain this further? Was it a separate event that you attended?

I have first hand experience of both Spencer Lodge and Fund Advisers and can safely say that I find them to be the most trustworthy advisory company in Dubai at present.

I got to talk to some of their team at the exhibition mentioned above and was given high quality information without any added pressure.

to Anonymous Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #852714

I expect you but that down yourself Mr. Spencer Lodge. Shame on you and your company


The above is a false comment made by a competitor company. I am a client of Fund Advisers and I can say that after reading the above and obtaining all evidence from FA, there is no record of Susan who has apparently received bad service from FA.

When there is a new company in town who is wanting to EXPOSE all the negativity in the financial market place and want to do right by their clients and work with integrity and honesty and want to protect their clients, which is very different to what the other companies in Dubai have been doing over the number of years then of course you will get malicious people (above) making up non-sense. Please do not use this site to spread rubbish about companies you have not done business with and are a competitor. Look at yourself first and improve on your own business.

Also, in regards to Spencer Lodge, Everyone has demons from their past.

Shall we open up your personal life Susan and see what demons we will find??? hmmm. That is he's personal life and does not have anything to do with he's business life. Let people meet him and make judgment for themselves.

Please do not be fooled by the people within the industry spreading bad rumors.

I am a very satisfied client and I can say fro personal experience that Fund Advisers helped a lot and sorted out the mess that other financial companies had created for me through their bad advice. Thank you Fund Advisers.


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