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The Kids Initiative is a non-for-profit campaign designed to safe guard families by teaching core first aid skills and educating families on the laws and regulations here in the UAE. Fund Advisers provide financial services to those who wish to safeguard their family whist living and working in the UAE. We have helped thousands of families by providing free first aid workshops and Wills and Guardianship documentation to protect them against the effects of Sharia Law. All decisions made about whether a family needs documentation is completely the decision for the family in question and no pressure is placed on the individuals concerned. For more information visit

Just to let all know that the UAE based company being Fund Advisers, run by the "honest" Spencer Lodge is using the Kids Initiative to push his dodgy investments and scams. The latter is headed by Danielle Suchley, along with a younger team who are used to present these so called "Will & Guardianship Seminars".

I had an interest in Guardianship Documents to which i left my contact details and was told to give a few referrals so the documents would be made free. Again, i agreed.

I was then contacted and had a meeting with a "Guardianship Specialist" who did nothing but push pensions and savings schemes. Subsequently, to date, i still have not recieved my documents as i did not have interest in savings schemes and have now managed to obtain through a different route.

Just keep an eye out on these guys as it is not a very reputable company from other posts i have read regarding the CEO and management.

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