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Fund Advisers has the highest level of training and support for its employees and financial advisers. We expect the very best from our staff both in achieving appropriate industry qualifications and work ethic in the same way our clients expect the very best in financial advice and customer service. It is unfortunate therefore some do not meet the high standards required by this company or achieve the necessary industry qualifications that are so important to be able to provide clients with the very best financial advice.
When this situation arises some individuals feel it necessary to point the finger at others for their failure which is extremely disappointing. Some seek to stay within the industry and subsequently join alternative organisations where the required standards are significantly lower.

Haven’t recently just left Fund Advisers I can assure you I am able to give a correct and accurate account of what really goes on with them. The way I look at Fund Advisers is of the way a Circus. A Circus is run by a fat man that cracks the whip to make sure all of his little clowns do as they are told. Fund Advisers is a circus full of clowns and animals jumping through hoops just to receive no appreciation and a kick to the self esteem.

Spencer Lodge treats his staff as they are peasants to him and treats woman as they are just an object because he is the best thing since sliced bread. Well let me say this Spencer Lodge you’re not your attitude stinks in the same way you cheap after shave and cheap shirts do.

How can Spencer Lodge think it is correct to tell his safe to work for him and not pay us? Whilst working for him in the UAE we all nearly worked illegally as we did not have working Visa only holiday Visa, Fund Advisers kept informing us they would resolve this issues but never have done. I am sure people in the office at U-Bora Tower are still working illegally.

Whilst working for Fund Advisers I also had the pleasure of coming across James Spencer who is shocking the way he treats clients and speaks down to them. James Spencer is extremely pushy and will lie through his teeth to get the sale knowing fine well that the client’s investment is going to fall through. It was also clear whilst I was working at Fund Advisers that James Spencer was pocketing extra commission without Spencer Lodge Knowing about it. My opinion of James Spencer is that he models his ego on his weight the fat headed pig.

If a client comes across these two please stay away from them as all they are interested in is stealing your money. These two also have their little lap dogs Mark Swann, Danni Suchley and Spencer Lodges PA Sarah Stafford. These people are to be a void as I realised whilst working for Fund Advisers as they are also as bad as they will do anything to make sure that they get a cut of the money.

Another thing that shocked myself was how sly all these people are towards one another and the reality of the matter is that as any moments chance the staff will leave Fund Advisers along with the management as soon as they can.

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Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #853301

Spencer lodge had sexual relations with my Hamster

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #852723

A Dubai-based financial adviser was arrested and fined for speeding during a company-sponsored "Cannonball Run" through North America. Spencer Lodge, the Middle East regional director for PIC deVere, was clocked driving at 167kph in a rented 2009 Lamborghini Spyder convertible on a motorway in the north-eastern state of Vermont en route from New York to Montreal.

While that speed would hardly raise eyebrows on some UAE routes, it was more than 47kph above the posted speed limit.

Mr Lodge was charged with gross negligent operation of a motor vehicle and excessive speed. He pleaded guilty in a brief court appearance and paid a fine of US$880 (Dh3,200) after spending a few hours in jail. Broadcast reports in the US showed a document entitled, "deVere and Partners Itinerary, Cannonball Run June 9-14." They said Mr Lodge told police that deVere hosted the event to reward top sales associates and the firm had rented 14 sports cars valued at nearly $2.5 million.

Cannonball Run is a 1981 film starring Burt Reynolds, Farrah Fawcett and Dom Deluise as competitors in a cross-country car race. The hit film spawned two sequels.

"Mr Lodge was arrested and convicted in Franklin County district court on June 14 of negligent operation of a motor vehicle," said Lt Robert Stebbins, a state deputy sheriff in Vermont. "I believe Mr Lodge to be a decent guy who made a mistake and he has paid his price in the state of Vermont. He's square with the house, to borrow a poker phrase."

The itinerary said the group was planning to stop at luxury hotels and gourmet restaurants during the journey, which was to conclude at a Formula One race in Montreal. DeVere says it is the world's largest independent international financial consultancy firm.

Mr Lodge's company, PIC Middle East, is affiliated with deVere and has offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. DeVere said: "This event was an organised tour and over the course of a few days employees drove from New York to Montreal to watch the Grand Prix. It was not, under any circumstances meant to be a race, nor was it promoted as such. ?

DeVere do not condone the actions of Mr Lodge. In breach of the advice that he was given, Mr Lodge broke the law and has been penalised for his actions by the US authorities."

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Spencer Lodge is a complete ***, do not trust him

Pen-Y-Lan, Wales, United Kingdom #737998

The things you read and hear about these people are disgraceful and the image that they try to create for themselves is disgraceful. I personally am staying clear of them as a friend of mine that current deals with these people has said she felt very leaned upon by them and wouldn’t of used them if she had checked the history of the people she was speaking with, so do your homework and you may be very shocked that you’re dealing with drug addicts and criminals.

Kuwait, Al Kuwayt, Kuwait #737068

I also have had the delights of meeting James Spencer and I wasn't impressed with his pushy and aggressive manner that he has. James Spencer made me feel very pressured and harassed. I could never make an investment with these people after everything I have read and in my own experience of dealing with them that they cannot be trusted.


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